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Consultancy Services Director Geoff Downs manages the expert services and contract R&D available from Digital Chemistry. This page describes the services we offer and lists some recent projects that were undertaken by Digital Chemistry or its subsidiary, BCI. If you have a problem or project that may benefit from Digital Chemistry's expertise please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  How can we help?
  The range of consultancy projects we are able to undertake includes:
    • Feasibility studies
    • Technical report writing
    • Reviews of system design
    • Contract research and development
    • Bespoke systems production
    • Abstracting, page makeup & database building

Previous Consultancy Projects Include

  Technical Projects:
    • The creation of a complete XML schema for the representation of chemical entities.
    • A report detailing a number of clustering techniques and their relevance to a particular client's needs.
    • Assistance with the design of an RDBMS-based inventory system, including a report detailing search and retrieval strategies.
    • InChI (IUPAC Chemical Identifier) Project: programming, testing & documentation.
  Software Projects
    • Addition of stereochemical features to Markush structure representations of combinatorial libraries.
    • Development of software for building Markush structure representations of combinatorial libraries, expressed as sequences of generic reactions and sets of precursor molecules.
    • Investigation and implementation of methods for extracting and scoring useful partitions from cluster hierarchies.
    • Implementation of software to add new compounds to an existing clustering of a large dataset, without the need for re-clustering.
    • Development of software for analysis of the distribution of "within- cluster" and "between-cluster" distances in a clustered dataset.
  Data Content Projects
    • Preparation of Theilheimer's Synthetic Methods of Organic Chemistry (Vol 72-84), including literature abstraction and page-makeup as print-ready PDFs ready for publication by S. Karger AG.


Please contact us by e-mail to discuss your requirements.

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